Who won the Super Bowl? Beyoncé. Duh!

King Bey put on an exhilarating performance that is being hailed on Twitter and in our minds as the best Super Bowl half time show ever! There’s no denying Bey’s ah-mazing vocals, killer body, flawless blonde tresses and effervescent stage presence.

Beyonce’s half time show was so good, the Superdome needed a break! OK. That hasn’t been confirmed. But how else do you explain the power outage that lasted 34 minutes exactly after Bey left the stage?

Even though we weren’t in New Orleans, we connected with millions of fans, who took to social media to express their adoration for the “Love On Top” singer. Some tweets were funny while some were just silly, either way, it kept me laughing!

Check out 10 funny tweets during Beyonce’s halftime show:


Photos from the performance, here:

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