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1. Are We Getting The Real Story?

Freddie Gray Protest in Baltimore Source:Getty

With the situation dire and tensions escalating, it’s no doubt that Baltimore is a city of unrest right now. From violent clashes with police to the rage of the city’s youth increasing as the week progresses, the issues plaguing Baltimore are deeply nuanced and complicated. So what did the news do? Offer you one side of course! Check out the top moments the news failed America in its coverage of the tension.

2. When A Fox Reporter Completely Missed The Point

We weren’t exactly expecting fair coverage from Fox, but we at least thought the reporter would listen to the answers to the questions he posed. But, no. Instead, he stops paying attention almost as soon as the man begins, visibly annoyed that he wasn’t getting the answer he wanted. He was so distracted, he didn’t even realize he was being made a fool of on TV, as the councilman schooled him something serious.

3. When The Media Was Saturated With Stories Of Destroyed Property; Zero About Destroyed Lives

Baltimore Protest Source:Getty

It’s quite unfortunate that public property has been destroyed. Don’t get us wrong. But let’s have some priorities in our coverage here. Because the overwhelming majority of news outlets have failed to report that the Baltimore police department — just one department alone — has had to pay out more than $5 million in damages for use of excessive force. And those are just the stories we KNOW about.

4. When CNN Defended Its Editorial Decisions Like This …

Ah, CNN. How many ways can you possibly fail on one story? Instead of acknowledging that, hey, maybe covering Obama’s jokes at the Correspondent’s Dinner should have been a lower priority than escalating tensions in Baltimore, they had their political commentator Errol Lewis, defend them by saying eventually “we’ll catch up.” Which is exactly what you want to hear from a breaking news channel, right?

5. Then Wolf Blizter Had To Join CNN’s Ignorance Party Too

“I don’t remember seeing anything like this.” Yes, that’s what Wolf Blizter, a NATIONAL news expert said of clashes between police and angry communities. Because Ferguson must not have been important enough to remember.

6. When They Blamed This Massive Development Fire On Rioters

Baltimore Fire Source:Getty

And then said they weren’t ACTUALLY sure if there was any connection to the riots. Doh!

7. When They Kept Proclaiming How Residents Were Only Interested In Destroying The City

Local Baltimore Volunteers Source:Getty

But then all of these images of residents volunteering to clean it up emerged. Because that is EXACTLY what you do when you don’t care about your home. (Side-eye)

8. When They Ran A Million Photos Like This

Baltimore Protest Teen Source:Getty

9. But None Like This

Cop Throws Rocks At Baltimore Protestors Source:Getty

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