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1. “Half On A Baby”

Not ashamed to say that “Half On A Baby” is one of my favorite R.Kelly songs. Don’t let this song come on unless you’re officially ready to set the mood!

2. “Seems Like You’re Ready”

One of R. Kelly’s earlier jams, “Seems Like You’re Ready”, is one that will officially set the mood. Although this song doesn’t have that many lyrics, it’s enough to get your “temperature rising”.

3. “You Remind Me Of My Jeep”

Remember this song? We had to all have been pretty young when it was first released and had absolutely no idea what the heck R.Kelly was singing about. A jeep? A car? A wax? Oh, but now, we understand. Only Kells can make a woman who reminds him of something as random as his jeep, his car and his bank account feel incredibly sexy.

4. “Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)”

Is it just me but are things a lot more exciting when they’re kept on the “down low” and when nobody knows? Apparently, R.Kelly feels the same way, because in the song “Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)”, Kells sings about being in a risky and dangerous romantic relationship. This song is perfect for all of you drawn toward that forbidden fruit!

5. “I Can’t Sleep Baby (If I)”

“I Can’t Sleep Baby” is another one of my favorite Kells songs. While R. Kelly is known for his mood setting singles, this song takes a little different route and is perfect for those breakup to makeup nights. It’s one that just exemplifies being in love and wanting to make things right! Sang, Kelly!

6. “Bump N Grind”

The struggle: “my mind’s telling me no, but my body’s telling me yes”. But according to R.Kelly, it’s nothing wrong with a little “Bump N Grind”.

7. “Echo”

One of R.Kelly’s more recent songs, “Echo”, has all the elements for the perfect mood setting song: raunchy lyrics, a smooth melody and even though it’s a little random, we can’t forget the yodel!

8. “Slow Wind”

Another one of Kelly’s sexy dance songs, “Slow Wind”, will get the mood started right on the dance floor and keep it going all the way until the end of the night!

9. “The Zoo”

One of R.Kelly’s more underrated songs, “The Zoo”, is quite the explicit track. Caution: don’t let this song play unless you’re ready to bring out the “animal” in you!

10. “Your Body’s Calling”

Another one of my ultimate favorite R. Kelly singles, “Your Body’s Calling”, speaks for itself. Kells knew that when a woman’s body was calling for him, he would come running!

11. “12 Play”

Last but not least, “12 Play”, perfect for the 12th song on our list. In this track, Kells gives us a 12 step manual for everyone to follow when that “do not disturb” sign is placed on the door. Ladies & fellas, take note!

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