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1. What About Your Friends?

Have you ever watched your favorite movie or show and secretly wished you were in the same circle of the characters on your screen? We’ve been there! Here’s an ode to some of our favorite on-screen girlfriends who remind us just how powerful sisterhood can be through all life’s ups and downs.

2. Gina & Pam; “Martin”

Gina & Pam were true BFFs and had each other’s back like no other. Whether they were arguing with their crazy neighbor, Sheneneh, dealing with Martin’s antics or auditioning to perform with Biggie Smalls, they stuck together through thick and thin! They worked together, laughed together, partied together and even fought together! Nothing could come between these two, not even Martin’s endless jokes about Pam.

3. Toni, Joan, Lynn, Maya; “Girlfriends”

SATC was great, but “Girlfriends” showed us that Black women can be just as smart, sophisticated, career oriented, classy, fashionable and funny. This LA quartet gave us a positive representation of Black women of different backgrounds while showing us the true value of friendship. Through relationship, work and family drama kept us tuned in every week as we laughed, cried and sympathized with their lives.

4. Kim, Moesha and Niecy; “Moesha”

Moesha and her two sidekicks, Niecy and Kim, were a trio unlike any other. The boy crazy threesome did everything together and were rarely apart. Although they had their ups and downs, they still managed to remain the best of friends. Who didn’t want to have a group of best friends as loyal, smart, funny and popular as these three?

5. Harper, Jordan, Lance, Julian, Quentin, Mia, Shelby; “The Best Man”

Sure, this college crew had a lot of disturbing secrets between them that played out over two movies but one thing that never changed was their love for each other. Even when Shelby was being her usual self, the crew couldn’t help but to love her, and all of her ways. This dynamic clique is the epitome of what a strong relationship entails: love, family, success, a bit of drama and most importantly friendship.

6. Tia & Tamera

Tia and Tamera made us wish we had an identical twin sister built in as a friend! On “Sister Sister”, we watched the duo grow from teen girls to sophisticated women, who were experiencing the same things we did: the high school drama, the first kiss and the epic moment of going away to college; we learned exactly what to expect all while watching these two!

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