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1. Ask Steve Anonymous: Sneak Away For Nookie

The “Ask Steve” segment on the Steve Harvey Show is always quite interesting. You never know what random question is going to get asked, and you never know what crazy advice Steve is going to give the audience. Check out this hilarious “Ask Steve” moment when an anonymous viewer needed Steve’s advice on how to sneak away for nookie without getting caught!

2. Auntie Fee on the Steve Harvey Show

Internet cooking sensation Auntie Fee made her hilarious debut on the Steve Harvey Show with her son Tavis as her cameraman in this clip. Steve, along with the rest of us, was caught off guard by Auntie Fee’s outspoken personality and unpredictable mouth! Check her out here!

3. Surprise! Ice Cube & Kevin Hart in Disguise

Steve Harvey once celebrated his birthday with a show full of surprises and special guests. On this clip, Steve tried to guess his celebrity guests while blindfolded! Check out Kevin Hart and Ice Cube trying to throw Steve off with their hilarious impersonations while Steve tried to guess who’s who!

4. Steve Harvey Tries the Dlow Shuffle

You know that feeling you get when you catch your parents trying to be hip by learning the latest dance moves? That is the exact feeling I had when I watched Steve Harvey try to learn the “Dlow Shuffle”! Steve brought the originators of the “Dlow Shuffle” to the show to school the audience on how to do the new dance and when Steve took center stage, the audience went wild! Check it out!

5. Tyra Raps About Her Secret Date with Drake

The time when Tyra Banks stopped by the Steve Harvey Show to clear up rumors about dating Drake was quite interesting. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry when Tyra started freestyling about her “date” with the OVO rapper. Check it out here!

6. Ask Steve: Can You Twerk?

On this “Ask Steve” segment, Wendy had a question about twerking. She knew a woman who quit her job to make twerking videos full-time and now makes over 6 figures! As crazy as it sounds, Wendy was thinking about doing the same and asked Steve for his advice. Wendy even gave the audience a preview of her twerking skills! Check it out here!

7. What’s Wrong With You??

Whenever Steve has his good friend, Cedric the Entertainer, on the show as a guest, anything is bound to happen. Put these two in a room together and they can make a joke about any and everything! Check out this clip with Steve and Cedric!

8. Worst Pickup Lines

Lastly, Steve Harvey shares the worst pick up lines ever with the audience! And as women, I’m sure we’ve heard them all! Check it out here!

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