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When I first read about Suki, the 4-year-old girl who’s raising money for sickle cell awareness, my heart melted. As someone with close friends who are affected by the disease, her powerful story hit particularly close to home for me. For those unfamiliar, sickle cell anemia is a condition where there aren’t enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. The gene is prevalent in people of African decent, and is carried by 1 in 12 African Americans across the world. Although there’s currently no cure for the disease, treatment can relieve pain and help prevent further problems associated with the disease.

While Suki and her brother actually carry the sickle cell gene, the disease doesn’t affect them. Instead, it’s her cousins that suffer from sickle cell anemia and often experience painful sickle cell crises, which I’m sure have been life changing experiences for a 4-year-old little girl to witness. Rather than sitting around and feeling sad for her family, Suki decided to take action and provide comfort for those affected by the disease in hopes of spreading awareness around the world.

With the support of her parents, Suki launched “Project Sickle Cell Awareness” as a way to make a difference. Her project includes a lemonade stand on Lenox Ave in Harlem, NY, a walk-a-thon, and a Go Fund Me account, all platforms that are dedicated to raising money to foster further research and treatments for the fight against sickle cell.

While Suki’s story is amazing and inspirational, there’s so many youth just like Suki’s cousins who suffer from this disease daily. Find out how you can support Suki’s initiative below:

Want to support Suki’s Project Sickle Cell Awareness? Here’s how:

  • Follow Suki on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat: @suki4president
  • Email Suki at
  • Send donations to:, L.I.V.E (Lifting Inner Voices Eternally), or SCDAA (Sickle Cell Disease Association of America)


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