Mama knew best when she reminded us of the age-old adage: “do unto others as you would want done to you.” Treating people with kindness is a major key to success. Keeping that in mind, we chatted with our favorite digital superstars about when helping others feels the best for them. Miss Lissa tells us […]

Gratitude is a critical component to anyone’s success. In the latest episode of “The Q,” we asked our favorite social influencers what makes them most grateful. Julius Stukes is most grateful when he is given opportunity because, as he tells us, you’re nothing without it. For Kat Capone, gratitude is a daily affirmation that she […]

As the old saying goes, the best way to get by is with a little help from our friends. In today’s world of tough headlines and competition at every corner, hearing about a bit of kindness is definitely a welcome thing. We tapped our fave influencers to share their stories of how the kindness of […]

Inspiration may be hard to come by but you know it when it hits you. And there’s no greater source of inspiration than the people you love – whether it’s the ones close to you or otherwise. For the latest episode of The Q, we asked our influencer friends who inspires them most. Julius Stukes […]

If someone asked you to describe yourself as crispy, spicy, or saucy, what would you say? They’re all such good options; we know it’s hard to choose. When Team Beautiful’s own Shamika Sanders asked Rae Holliday, Beatriz Guerrero, and Kat Capone, they had a hard time picking, too. Our social media faves got creative with […]

Taste is a pretty personal matter and it’s a topic you may disagree with your friends on. Team Beautiful asked our crew of social media experts to tell us whether their friends think they have good taste. While mostly everyone said yes, some left a little room for interpretation. Kat Capone may have found the […]

If there’s something we can all agree on, it’s that adding a little flavor to your life is essential. From saucy food to saucy people, we love it all. But you can have too much of a good thing? Of course, everyone has different taste, and one person’s too much is somebody else’s just right. […]

In these busy, fast-paced times, self-care is so essential to survival. No matter how crazy your schedule gets with work, family and social life, you have to make time to be kind to yourself. While a spa day never hurt anyone, showing yourself some tender love and care comes in many different forms. Team Beautiful was […]

For some lucky and resourceful folks, it just always seems like they really can do it all. From multiple hustles to a hobby they’re passionate about, these go-getters are able to juggle things seamlessly, while somehow making time for volunteering and a social life. In our latest episode of The Q, Team Beautiful set out […]

All of our favorite social media impresarios bring something different to the table, but Team Beautiful wanted to know what was so special about their sauce. Kat Capone told us that her signature saucy characteristic is sarcasm, and Rae Holliday says gregariousness is his secret ingredient. But you can’t forget about our host, Team Beautiful’s […]

Having good taste is one thing, but having flavor is quite another. And knowing the difference is clutch. Flavor is that unique spice only you can bring to a situation. Keeping that in mind, Team Beautiful asked our crew of social media influencers how their flavor changes their world and their work. Beatriz Guerrero believes […]

There’s a difference between being good at what you do and being an expert. Becoming an expert takes time, passion, dedication and perseverance. And if there’s one thing about success that people will tell you, it’s that there is always room for growth. So how do you determine your level? Team Beautiful’s own Shamika Sanders […]