Toys (Holidays)

It’s crunch time and the stores are all putting in their last minute efforts to get you and your wallet in the store before the big day. Hopefully you’re nearly done shopping and you’ve checked everyone off your list. If you are a procrastinator (don’t worry so I am) here’s a heads up on the […]

No matter what is going on in my life, the holiday seasons always get me excited. Remembering my mother’s homemade apple pies, burning baking chocolate chip cookies and, oh my goodness, helping my mother wrap presents but secretly sneaking to see what I’ve gotten too. Christmas is the time of year were you bound with […]

Do you remember you first Christmas toy? I mean, I know I’m not the only one who unwrapped and then rewrapped gifts on Christmas Eve. #TeamBeautiful caught up with singer-songwriter, Leela James and she dished on her favorite toys from back in the day. I was not surprised to learn that she was also fascinated […]

By now, you’ve stood in line and got that new gaming device for your young one. But what if you’re like me and buy one thing but forget the other. Luckily, Walmart has some of the best in-store deals for video games and I’ve done the research to bring you the best video games out […]

Even if you haven’t visited the teen section of Barnes & Nobles since high school, young-adult novels are inescapable. From “Hunger Games” to “Twilight”, big-budget movie adaptations of young-adult books have made reading these a must. It’s a genre that’s no longer not just for high schoolers. Whether you have a teen or you’re catching […]

Conventional wisdom suggests that time spent playing games is time wasted. Not so fast, say many parenting experts and researchers. Video games and interactive toys teach kids problem solving, strategic thinking, and set a strong foundation for team building. It’s no secret that children become disinterested in a matter of minutes and that toy you […]

Remember on Christmas Eve you’d sneak into the living room and gently peel the tape back off the one box that you thought was that toy you’d been waiting for all year. Oh just me?! Well I confess, I was always way too excited during the holidays–but only for the toys! And as a teenager, […]

Although interactive toys can be a pain sometimes (they’re so loud and no fun at all on mute), I guarantee your child puts up a fight when you try to take them away for the day. But if you can manage to find your own imaginary happy place and tune out the Elmos and Doc […]

A huge part of maintaining your sanity as a mom is keeping your active kids super busy. There’s one sure way to keep your little love bugs active all while building their self-esteem–gift them the best tools available to be a top athlete. Kids who play sports are just way cooler. It builds character, keeps […]

Who remembers that one Christmas toy that you just couldn’t stop playing with? “I had a streeeetch Hulk and I loved him so much because…