Get Right Get Tight

I decided to give Flat Tummy Tea a try, and it definitely wasn't what I expected.

Read if you don’t want to put THIS years' health goals on NEXT years' resolution list…again.

Sir Mix-A-Lot and Nicki Minaj had it right beauties! Because, baby, if you got back then you ought to know that all that junk in the trunk is actually good for your health too. So whether you got it from your momma (thank you genetics) or you squat for your life to get it, please […]

If you’re looking for a new way to tone up ladies then I suggest you dust off your high school notes from physics class. That’s right, those complicated formulas can and totally  should be used during your sweat sessions today. Don’t worry, there won’t be a pop quiz this time around. Instead keep reading and […]

Well beauties, we are officially less than 30 days away from summer 2014 and very close to the half way point of the year too! So, if you have fallen off your New Year’s resolutions, then this story is for you. The perfect plan is nice however I suggest you just start…even if you think […]

If you haven’t been sipping your nutrients out of a straw lately then I don’t know who you are or where you’ve been – smoothies are where it’s at in the health food world, so join in on the fun. There are over a gazillion recipe options all just one touch of your blender away, […]

Trying to quit your sweet tooth cravings? Well “substituting” sugar may or may not be your best bet. Nowadays almost everything has sugar added to it, and worse, sugar is like a bad crook–it has all different kind of names. Must Read: 5 Things You Need To Know Before You Try This Fitness Challenge But […]

  A childhood of obesity coupled with constant teasing is something health and wellness consultant and author of Half My Size: How I Ate To Lose 150lbs, Caroline Jhingory and I have in common. But that’s not all. We all also share the victory of taking back our health and making a message out of our […]

Welp, it’s official, I’ve turned into a bonafide yogi this year. Rolling out my mat is seriously my new favorite thing to do. I take classes all over the New York City and I even do a candle lit night practice most evenings before bed. Yep I’m addicted. But here’s the deal, I recently started […]

  I love a good sweat and I live for a good challenge so I have no idea why I hadn’t tried CrossFit until recently is a little mind boggling. But I did it and I loved it, so in case you are thinking about crossing over to the worlds fastest growing fitness trend, read […]