2022 September Cover

In an exclusive interview, Kenya Moore shares what inspired the launch of Kenya Moore Hair Care, and what's next for the brand.

New York Fashion Week is upon us and this year's events include some of our favorite Black designers and new digital experiences.

Here's 5 ways to transition your summer clothes into your fall fashion wardrobe for 2022.

Letter From The Editor: There’s something about the air in September that brings a refreshing and transitional vibe. The convivial correlation to back-to-school time, NYFW, and Virgo season all combine for the welcoming of fall, which brings with it new style trends, closet overhauls, and our annual fashion issue. Coco Jones is our “Fashion Issue” […]

From Gina Waters on 'Martin' to the newly revamped Hillary Banks on 'Bel-Air,' here are some Black leading ladies we love.

Tell Coco Jones she can’t do something, and she’ll do it twice and once more with her eyes closed. The innate drive to be successful is ingrained in her blood. Born on January 4th, the Bel-air actress fully lives up to her Capricorn reputation. Known for their stoic demeanor, strong work ethic, and goat mentality, […]