I know you are wondering what the hell I’m talking about! Well, I’ve come up with a new verb: “Michelle.” It’s just a name, right?  Wrong. Definition: when a woman supports, nurtures, and motivates her man so he can free his mind and focus on a career path that is beneficial to his family and community.

We are all a little smitten by our new First Lady and President. Every media outlet has done some type of story on how “in love” they seem to be. But more important than anything is how Michelle Obama did her part in getting Barack to where he is today. President Obama did his part by getting the education and experience to fit the presidential profile, but Michelle made sure that “home” was taken care of and wasn’t going to interfere with his success.

This is a lesson I took to heart. This woman was there from the beginning, middle and peak of her man’s career. She didn’t come in at the tail end and benefit; she was in there with him, getting her hands dirty in politics yet all the while making sure she was in attendance at the PTA meetings at her kids’ school. I am in total awe. Now look: her work, patience and prayers have come to fruition. So I’m going to “Michelle” my man to the best of my abilities so he can achieve all that’s going to be beneficial to our family.

Now ladies, your man has to be worthy of this royal treatment, because it doesn’t come without some prerequisites. Your man has to be, more importantly than anything else, loyal – in every meaning of the word. If you have a feeling, at all, that your man may step out on you, mismanage money, or lead your family in the wrong direction, then he isn’t entitled to being “Michelled.” Because “Michelle-ing” your man takes a lot of work and you have to get something out of it in the end! Ladies, treat this like a business or a career. The harder you work the more you get in return, but don’t waste your time on a loser.

Sex, sex, and more sex… what more can a man ask for? Send him off to work with a smile on his face!! Not only will he be less likely to cheat, because you got all the sex’n out of his system, but now he can focus on something else, like making that money! Keep that lazy-stay-on-your-back sex for when you really do have a headache! Keep it spicy and fresh. Pick up a book, or even a porno. Learn a thing or two. I bet you he won’t be working late at the office much longer if he knew he had a sex kitten waiting to pounce on him.

–Mrs. Layla

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