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LisaRaye called into Power 105FM this morning and spoke with Free about her pending divorce to Premier Misick as well as a few other interesting tidbits. During the interview, LisaRaye claimed that Dwayne Martin ruined sitcoms for her by wearing too many hats and trying to do too much. She also referred to her husband as a Hollywood groupie. When Free asked her about the Rihanna and Chris Drama she said the following:

When I heard it, I was like “Her too? She’s going through what I was going through”. To me, because I am older and they are younger, I have a different approach on it. I kind’ve understand the youth. When you result to body, that means you are feeling like you are losing something and that’s the last result. That’s your temporary insanity kicking in. Although, I don’t agree with a man putting his hands on a woman at all by no means at all. I believe they were in love, things got bad. They were not thinking of the outcome of all of this. He blew his endorsements which I don’t think is right! To me, you have to wait until he’s proven guilty. We don’t know what went on. They haven’t released a statement and that’s why it’s important to talk and that is why I’m starting to talk now myself because they need to know how to stand up and make a different. Domestic Violence is out there and it’s real.

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