Andrea Lee and Sharhonda Lindsay are being hospitalized in Florida for organ failure after undergoing plastic surgery procedures. The two women received cosmetic injections that were supposed to give them ‘J.Lo’ style bottoms. Unfortunately the doctor they went to turned out to be a fraud and were injected with poisonous industrial silicone. The person who performed the procedures is on the run after the two women were rushed to hospital with critical injuries caused by her injections.

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Investigators said Lindsay used a plastic bottle and a Tupperware bowl to mix the solution. One woman received 40 shots within a 90-minute period. The other had 20 in the same amount of time. Detectives say the two victims were told they were being injected with a silicone substance called ‘Hydrogel’.


These incidents remind us why we need to be careful when thinking out getting plastic surgery. Recently, the wife of R&B singer Usher, Tameka Foster, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after a liposuction procedure went wrong.

For more of the two women’s story click here.

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