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Dear Kareem,

My husband left me for another woman 14 years ago. After being single for a few years, I met a man who said he was married, but separated. I was into him, but kept my distance because I didn’t want to be like my ex-husband’s mistress. Eventually he and I slept together to “get it out of our system,” but this turned into a routine thing and now he’s back together with his wife. I don’t want to admit to him that i have strong feelings for him at this point, but I do. Now, after chasing me for so long, he’s gone from sprung to not even calling me for lengthy periods. Why pursue me just to get back with your wife, disappear, then come back to me when you feel like it? He’s even told me he loves me once, but I never returned the sentiment. What do i do?

Kareem Says:

Sweetie, you are officially a mistress/other woman/side piece/Jump Off. He has gone back to his wife. Which means he is not separated any longer. Apparently, they have worked out their issues. You may have developed feelings, but you are playing second fiddle. If you are hoping that he is going to leave her and get with you, you are wasting your time and energy. He has had ample time to make a play for you.

It’s as simple as that! Do YOU have any relationship questions? Kareem will tell it to you straight. Email him your woes at

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