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WHO HE IS: Tomlinson is the first-round draft pick and now star running back for the San Diego Chargers; he was also the MVP of 2006. Tomlinson has broken so many records, he is now re-breaking his own records! He was also voted by SPIKE TV as the ‘Most Unstoppable Jock’ in 2007. Basically, what we are trying to say that this guy is not the annoying jock in high school who laughs at his own farts; he is, in fact, a truly gifted athlete that always comes to play.

WHY WE LOVE HIM: Tomlinson is everything girls wanted to date in high school and marry after college: he is hot, ripped, athletic, cute and makes total bank! His skills on the field more than speak for why he is one of our Yummies. He recently married LaTorsha Tomlinson in 2003, and they reside in their 10,000 Sq ft. house outside San Diego… not bad for a starter house!

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