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Maybe it was nothing. Maybe everyone was just waiiiiiting for her to mess up because of her lengthy history of crazy crackheadism under the tutelage of ex-husband Bobby Brown. Or maybe Whitney Houston was, well, wasted at last night’s 2009 Grammy Awards.

We do have to hand it to Ms. Houston for getting herself together this go-round, however. She had on a pretty dress, her skin looked great, and she was rocking a fresh new wig for the occasion. All eyes were on her, for this would be the first time she would make a big appearance since “cleaning up her act” post-divorce. But was it just us, or was something a little… off?

Whitney was even spotted looking sloppy as hell with no seat belt on in the passengers seat of a car being driven by boyfriend Ray J. See the gallery below:

If anything, it’s safe to say she took a happy pill or had a couple too many drinks before going on stage.  We don’t blame her for being nervous. And her lack of being gross and sweaty leads us to believe that she’s still off the cocaine, so that’s a step, right? Watch the video below and let us know if we’re buggin’, or if she really slurred the hell out of that speech.

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