A nip here. A tuck there. From noses and lips to boobs and hips, celebrity plastic surgery is everywhere.

What is the obsession with plastic surgery?


Q: Why do some celebrities become obsessed with plastic surgery?

A: It’s not surprising that celebrities seem to get so much cosmetic surgery. The body has become a zone of perfectibility for all of us, and no more so than for celebrities, especially women, whose bodies are a significant part of their commerical appeal. Moreover, celebrity culture is very unforgiving, and so female celebrities who do not “keep up” with their appearance, so to speak, are fodder for tabloid finger-wagging. (How many tabloid covers have revealed which celebrity women have cellulite, and who is getting fat?) We have ever-new standards of beauty and youth to reach, and there is a cultural imperative for us to keep looking young and “beautiful.” This is especially true for public figures, but they are now setting the standards for the rest of us, too.

Unfortunately, cosmetic surgery can’t always do what it promises-to make us look younger and more beautiful. There is a limit to its effectiveness, and there are downsides which are not discussed often enough by cosmetic surgeons and their industry. Botox will seem to make wrinkles disappear, but it will also freeze our faces. Collagen injections can plump lips, but do they really make us look like Angelina Jolie? Tummy tucks often come with bad scars; liposuction can make the skin appear rippled, chemical peels can make us look burned. But some of us have too much faith in the cosmetic surgery “miracle.”

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