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This story just gets better and better.  Lisa told that her soon to be ex-husband had a reputation of dating young starlets and that she was warned about Carribbean men and their reputation, but went ahead and married one anyway.

Lisa on an “alleged affair” with Gary Payton and whether she’s experiencing karma

Gary, that’s my boy, so no to the rumors about us having an affair. And people don’t know what they are talking about. If anybody knew of any type of affair it would only be those two in the room, right? And I believe in karma too, but what happened between me and my husband has nothing to do with karma.

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Lisa on her husband dating other hollywood actresses

Yes, he’s dated young starlets early on in their careers. He wants to latch himself on to familiar faces like most rich men do. An old rich man usually has a young wife. Look at Anna Nicole [Smith]. Everyone wants to be with someone successful. I admit that I was attracted to his power, charm, his spirit; I’m not going to date anyone who doesn’t intrigue me and challenge me in some way.

Lisa on dating Caribbean men

People have no idea what I’ve been dealing with. I had no idea about the reputation that most Caribbean men have. I had a girlfriend who [warned] me when I said I was about to marry one. But I was thinking, No way. I met my Prince Charming. What all of this has taught me is that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. I might have been foolish on a lot of things, but I’m not foolish on the stand I’m taking now.