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Did the long winter leave you in a funk? Pull out your sandals, grab an iced coffee, and celebrate these timeless ways spring makes us naturally happy.

Flowers on your desk

They can be the $4 carnations you can buy at the gas station, but bringing a little bit of the natural world into your windowless office can really brighten up the joint. It never hurts to remind yourself there’s more to life than spreadsheets.

The natural glow from running outdoors.

Sure, you can get a great glow from pounding on the treadmill, but most of us are pretty excited to take our jog to the park when the weather heats up. There’s just something so invigorating (dare we say, life affirming?) about exercising outdoors. And having so many cherry blossoms to ooh and ahh over definitely makes the time fly.

Spring vegetables

The new cast of characters in the produce aisle is a total kick in the culinary pants. Never fear if you can’t get excited about one more head of broccoli. Now we’ve got artichokes, radishes, fava beans, asparagus, ramps, and sugar snap peas to contend with!

A fresh pedicure

Nothing says “I’m ready for sandals!” like a like hot pink toes. Get DIY and do the deed at home, or treat yourself to the first pedicure of the spring season (upkeep will be easier if someone does the hard work at the outset).


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