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So my clairvoyant son is two for two. After predicting that my wife was pregnant, his immediate follow-through that “it’s a girl” proved to be true. After keeping her legs closed for a good 45 minutes during the sonogram, my daughter finally let us in on her little secret. I hope this is a trend that she keeps throughout life.

I really didn’t know what to think at first. My family is ecstatic that there is one less peen running around. I’ve had some practice caring for my 18-month-old niece but as two of my boys (who each have little girls) have told me, nothing will prepare me what is about to happen.

My first thought was, “Everything you have ever done wrong to a woman will come back to you.” At least, that is what I’m told. My next thought was to get a shotgun and brush up on my braiding skills. When I was teaching first grade, there were some mornings when my girls would come in with one braid undone, looking crazy, and I’d have to do a patch job; “Cross right over left” is all I remember from my days of playing with my sister and her doll collection. Yes, I did it. Big brother was there to give the assist. That’s something I’m going to have to drill into Justin. He’s been getting all kinds of bad advice from his only-child classmates about what he needs to do as a “big brother.” I think he is more scared than I am.

Immediately after the revelation I called my mom and asked her, “How am I going to take care of a daughter?” and the word ‘daughter’ just hung in the air for a minute. It’s not the same until you say it for the first time. This abstract person now became more real than ever.

Hello, Sabrina. I am your father.

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