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Ladies, before you start pining over phantom phone calls and missed dates, consider these hilarious tips from shine.com:

.Don’t be sad. It’s his problem, not yours. I’m sure there are numerous men out there who are attracted to you and don’t mind at all that you hog the remote, get text messages at 2 a.m. and pass gas in your sleep. We all have our little quirks. The key is avoiding the little jerks and finding someone who loves your idiosyncrasies. If that has become too difficult, find a good therapist, mix yourself a strong martini or see if one of the 10 reasons below applies.

1. He never really was into you.

He just wanted to hook up. (Oh, stop sobbing. You’ve done it, too.)

2. He found someone he’s more into.

It happens. Perhaps that lovely coworker he has been pining for suddenly left her boyfriend, whom she was just not that into.

3. He IS tired of being dragged to church…

…and malls and family reunions and baby showers.

4. Your friends and family members frightened him.

Maybe he sees too much of your mother in you already.

5. His friends finally talked him into leaving you.

They whined, complained, and poked fun at him because, since you came around, he can’t come out and play after dinner as often.


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