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Yesterday, Monica was the in-studio guest on V-103’s Ryan Cameron Show. She spoke about her relationship status with her children’s father and ex-fiance, Rocko, whether or not there’s a chance for their reconciliation, and what it’s like being on the dating scene.

Her response begins at the 1:00 mark.

Who does that? I’ve never been in Hollywood and I’ve given you 15 years of realness so why would you ask me a silly question like that. [sarcasm] yea i found the chick that called Media Take Out or something? It sounds like silliness  to me but I will say this; I am definitely not the type to play with my kids. My family comes first. I will leave music before I allow them to be effected by something so stuff like that is kinda irritating. So I will answer your question “Absolutely Not”.

The great part is that I found ways to find positive in all of the negative. And with the situation that just took place, Rocko and I will are gonna be best of friends forever. I respect people that acknowledge that their kids come first.  Whatever takes place between us is secondary in my opinion. Our kids didn’t ask for this so I’m not allowing them to suffer in any form or fashion. I don’t even allow my own emotions to make me do silly things as far as retailiating or responding. iIt’s not in my nature anymore. 10 years ago it maybe would have been different.

RUMOR: Monica Gets Harrassed By Fiance’s Jumpoff

UPDATE: Monica Confirms Separation From Fiance

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