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Here are some helpful tips for all you readers out there who love to share your own spaces but aren’t professional photographers. Taking digital shots of your home will be less intimidating just by following a few simple suggestions from apartmenttherapy.com:


Lighting is so important to the quality of an image. For interiors, it is usually best to shoot in daylight and avoid flash — which can sometimes lend a blown-out and artificial appearance to a scene. It’s nice to turn on lights in a room just for a little point of brightness. If you do use a flash, be sure not to reflect the light off of glass or mirrors, because you’ll get a bright streak in the image that you won’t like.

If you are able to, position yourself so the primary light source is behind you. This will offer the most balanced lighting and will prevent the shots of windows that are blown out and “hot” in an otherwise dark room.

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Sometimes we want to focus on a lighting feature, such as a chandelier or a candle. In these cases, bright natural light won’t provide the biggest visual impact for the scene. Dusk allows daylight to give some sense of detail in a photo, but the light will be low enough to contrast with that coming from your own lighting feature, making it pop.

Dusk is also a better time to photograph windows — low natural light will allow you to take pictures that aren’t blown out by midday sunlight.


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