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Chances are that you either completely L-O-V-E hot new rapper Nicki Minaj or she gets on your last nerve, between her high strung flow or her rainbow hairpieces.

Her latest video with Usher, “Little Freak” has got us talking (and for the record, we didn’t like it). Let’s take a look at Nicki Minaj’s most memorable sightings to see just why you might love her or hate her…

1) She’s Young Money

It only makes since that Nicki Minaj is a part of Lil Wayne’s up and coming crew of  ignorant “artists”. Either you love Weezy and want to have his 6th baby while he’s incarcerated and love anything and everything he puts out (Drake wasn’t that bad though) or you can’t stand Wayne and his legion of coonery.

2) Wait, Didn’t Lil Kim Do That Barbie Thing First?

Ding! You’re right! Lil Kim was the original female rapper (who also didn’t sound like a chihuahua who just inhaled a helium balloon) to rock the Barbie look. Kim put in some blonde weave and blue contacts on her eyes and did something truly original for her time. Sure, you could say that Nicki Minaj is carrying on Kim’s torch and that imitation is the best form of flattery but isn’t there only one Queen Bee?

3) She Turns Good Artists Bad

Nicki Minaj has paired up with top talent for her latest mixtape but that doesn’t mean she should have. I don’t blame Mariah Carey and Robin Thicke to jump on the hottest new artist and put down a track with them but I don’t even think Missy Elliot would touch this. Take a look at what Nicki did to soul crooner Robin Thicke for their song “Shakin’ It For Daddy”.

4) Is That Booty Real?

This is a touchy subject for men and women. I’m sure there’s tons of men out there who are thanking whichever doctor put those implants in Nick’s backs but I don’t think women feel the same way. The pressure to have the biggest booty on the block has led to plastic surgery nightmares. Plus, what kind of message is this sending to our young girls?

5) Crazy Style

You might think Nicki Minaj outranks Trina in the tackiest clothes award but she really is just wearing the same trends Rihanna, Amber Rose and Beyonce are rockin’. She’s got the leggings, cut outs, wild colors and cinch belts that are so fashionable right now. I can understand how some of you may feel that something isn’t quite right about it on her bod…

6) Her Flow

I’ve already expressed my opinion on this one. I’ll let you decide for yourself…

7) Bisexuality

This is another one for the fellas. I know you are thinking “that’s not a reason to hate the girl”  and maybe it’s not, but I’m sure there’s still some haters out there…

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