Has this ever happened to you? You’re at your front door, you reach into your bag to get your house keys.  You dig around, you locate a pen, pack of gum, make-up case, your wallet… No keys. You check the side pockets, out comes a business card case, crumpled up receipts. Still, no keys.  It may be time to organize your bag.

(From real simple-12 Ways To Cut Clutter)

Personalize Your Systems

Try to organize with a system that suits your lifestyle.

* Congregate things you use together, say, your comb, makeup, hand cream, in one pocket, and your wallet, checkbook, and keys in another.

* If you only use your cell phone occasionally, it can go into the least accessible pocket.

* If you need an ID card at work, carry it in an outside pocket.

* If you’re always searching for change, keep it in a pocket that’s easy to reach.

* Keep receipts in one place, then sort them out when you get home.

* If you have children, containerize everything they’ll need — bottles, diapers, toys, and pacifiers — in one bag and your personal things in another. The kids’ things could be in a tote that you hang on the back of a stroller and your personal things in a backpack, leaving your arms free for picking up toddlers.

Finally, don’t let all those cute compartments and containers encourage you to carry more than you need. You don’t want to look like a superorganized bag lady.

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