While the storyline of the 10-minute video for Lady Gaga & Beyonce’s “Telephone” is certainly compelling and creative, it’s the ladies getups we’re obsessed with. And since both artists are undeniably fashion icons, we don’t doubt that this video will make waves in the industry, both as inspiration and confirmation of trends already here and to come.

Here are the top 5 trends spotted in the video by Stylelite:

NEW VIDEO: Lady Gaga Ft. Beyonce – “Telephone”

1. Geometric Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Already seen on the runways of Alexander Wang, Lady Gaga’s razorblade version of the geometric cat-eye is, for lack of a better and/or more appropriate word, fierce.

2. Ombre (a.k.a two-tone) Hair

Inspired, no doubt, by Dazed and Confused editrice Kate Shillingford’s icy hues, Gaga brought back her Grammy-worn, ombre yellow hair — and to wonderful effect.

3. Statement Hats

Gaga has been at this for a while and she’s showing no signs of giving up: the woman is determined to bring back the statement hat. While her’s typically involve astronomical constellations and/or entire telephones, we’re sure this is easily translatable into something slightly more interesting than the fedora.

4. Less Skin

While this concept may at first seem contradictory to, well, the entire video, we don’t doubt that these burka-inspired costumes were a very deliberate decision. Yes, Gaga is somewhere between three-quarters and half-naked for the majority of the video, but she and Beyonce choose to cover-up at a key point in the narrative arc. Anyway, at the close of the FW 2010 shows, the undeniable takeaway was that hemlines are coming down and fashion is moving in a more demure direction. Gaga agrees.

5. Food

From the moment Beyonce ferociously shoves a honeybun in Gaga’s open mouth, to the poisoned albeit heavily mayonnaised sandwiches, these ladies know how to eat. And considering Marc Jacobs’ effort to cast a wide range of ages and sizes in his FW2010 show for Louis Vuitton, “plus-size” model Crystal Renn’s meteoric and no doubt satisfying rise to the top, and, of course, V magazine’s size issue, it’s easy to admit that Gaga and Beyonce are right on trend.

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