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We’ve been following this story for the last couple of weeks and it’s now being played out in court.  Here’s the latest:

As it turns out, Michael Misick was playing his wife Lisa Raye. In her court testimony Lisa says she was lead to believe her husband was worth $180 million, while he says he told her he was only worth $8 million. Lisa also testified that Michael let her think he’d bought her a jet, when in reality it was a lease. She also thought Michael bought her a Rolls Royce Phantom, he even went so far as to present it to her in front of her cast mates on the set of ‘All of Us’ with a big red bow on it. Turns out it was also leased, and in her name no less.

Now Lisa’s stuck with a $6,500.00 car note. It was also revealed that Lisa’s name is on a $7 million dollar loan, that she claims to have no knowledge of.

This dude sounds like one shady character.

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