When you first fall in love the passion abounds. You make love all the time and cannot get enough of one another. After awhile, however, what was fireworks becomes little more than faint sparklers when you are in the bedroom. Relationships can grow stale as routine takes the place of spontaneity and newness turns to sameness. Luckily, there are exciting ways to put the passion back into your relationship from

Step 1

Make time for your love life. Turn off the television and stay offline a couple of times a week to help improve things in the bedroom. Also, don’t just make love at night, enjoy a morning romp on the weekends as well.

Step 2

Change the way you look at your partner if you have children. It is too easy to look at your husband or wife as “mom” and “dad” instead of seeing them as your lover.

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Step 3

Dress up and look your best to help incite passion. Too many people neglect their looks once they are in established relationships for some time. Take good care of your skin, teeth and body to keep your partner attracted.

Step 4

Communicate your sexual needs to your lover. Let your partner know what you desire in bed and be ready to listen to his ideas as well. Act out your fantasies for extra spice in the bedroom.


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