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After Tiny went off on another member of Twitter (see further below) for what we’re assuming was some sh**-talking about her and her family, she decided to explain herself, but she’s still not apologizing.

or, “First of all, I don’t know anything about [name removed]. I don’t take kindly to anyone saying anything about my kids who they know nothing about. I sent him a Direct Message that was for him to see only.”


“Tiny Goes Ballistic On Twitter”

I just came across this Twitter outburst by T.I.’s wifey Tiny.  Why are folks still putting their lives out there for the world to see is beyond me, but Tiny went in on someone, in an internet bully in a series of private messages that she wrongly assumed only they would see.

T.I. sends Tiny a $133,000 gift

Is T.I going to marry Tiny when gets out?