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Keyshia Cole and mom Frankie grace the second cover of VIBE’s March double cover. This is VIBE’s first ever Style issue and inside covergirl Keyshia discusses the evolution of her style, the influences that make up her style and where she’s headed (style wise).

Check out what she had to say:

Keyshia Cole on developing into the person she is now….

“I used to be real passive, no matter what it was-my performing, everyday living, a man, family. Now, it’s like I’ve got to put my foot down. I’ve come too far to keep accepting a lot of anything. I’m comfortable with myself.”

Keyshia Cole on her mother influencing her style…..

“Not necessarily, because my mom…..it depends. [My adoptive mother]Yvonne Cole, definitely. Definitely more than my biological mother because while I was around my mother my entire life, she was really gone. I’d see her, I would find her and in the next 10 minutes she would be gone. She was constantly moving. But Yvonne taught me everything about being a woman that I need to know. Everything. Don’t go to church without a slip. All of that.”

Let’s take a look at Keyshia’s ever-changing style.

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