We told you yesterday that NBA player  Allen Iverson and his wife are over.  Now I’m hearing the reason why Tawanna left for good this time is because a group of Iverson’s jumpoffs kept calling Tawanna with all kinds of dirt on her husband.

According to a insider, Allen’s marriage was destroyed – at least in part – by a group of women who were hell bent on making Tawana’s life hell.

The insider, who spoke to on the condition of anonymity, told us that a group of women have been contacting Tawana in recent weeks claiming to have been in “relationships” with her NBA baller husband.

The insider tells, “[The women] did everything in their power to try and destroy the Iverson’s marriage . . . it is really shameful.”

And it gets better. Our insider doesn’t believe that any of the women ACTUALLY had a relationship with Allen. The insider continued, “[Allen] wasn’t an angel, but I don’t believe what these women are saying.”

NBA’s Allen Iverson and wife split

Groupies tell all online!

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