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Dear Kareem,

My boyfriend is still friends with his ex girlfriend. Granted they dated YEARS ago and nothing is going on, but they talk about OUR relationship and she told him we’re not right for each other. Should I knock this bitch out? Because I feel like she is playing me.

Kareem Says…

I think you need to talk to your man. Violence is never the answer. You ever see that Dave Chappelle skit, “When keeping it real goes wrong?” Is this worth a trip to county? Don’t succumb to the dumb sh!t.

Tell him that this is bothering you. It’s really disrespectful that he is telling your business to his ex anyway. It’s even more disrespectful that she says you are not right for him. Who made her an expert? Apparently, she wasn’t right for him, either. She may be trying to circle back and rekindle whatever they had years ago.

A lot of people like to play the “waiting game.” That’s when the relationship ends, but they take it in stride and suggest that both parties remain “friends.” Eventually after dating ups and downs, some bad decisions, and a few late night reminiscing sessions, the couple gets back together.

Put a halt to it all now.

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