Guys love sex. It’s hardwired into their brains. Of course, that doesn’t mean that everybody loves everything about sex. Here’s a look at four things that men don’t actually love about time spent between the sheets.

1. (Avoiding) penis injury. Depending on the position, penis injury can be a very real possibility during sex, especially when the woman is on top. Basically, one minor mistake brings our full weight down on a six-inch (just averaging here) piece of meat with no real internal support structure.

Sprained penises are a fairly common sexual injury, and any guy reading this article just crossed his legs thinking about it. It’s impossible not to consider the possibility sometimes during sex, particularly when a near-miss accident happens—they slip out, and their penises’ entire lives flash before their eyes.

2. Foreplay. For guys, foreplay seems unnecessary—it’s like slowly, slowly unpeeling a banana. They’d rather get the peeling part over and enjoy eating. Lots of guys seem completely unaware of what an important part of intercourse foreplay is for women, because there’s simply no mechanism in their brain to identify with it. They can’t comprehend outright how foreplay could make sex more enjoyable, because for them, sex is the essential part of the whole dance. They’re creatures of the orgasm, and without a good deal of training, foreplay can seem pretty confusing to their simple sexual brains. READ THE REST HERE!

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