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When celebrating Black History Month, people tend to look back, instead of forward. And we don’t blame them. After all, it’s in the title – “history,” meaning all things memorable about the past.

But here at HelloBeautiful, we’d really like to call attention to not only those who made a difference or broke the mold, but those we feel will in the near future. The next couple of ladies we plan on profiling in “10 Women To Watch For In 2010″ are on their way to having a big year, and maybe even a bigger career.


Zoe Saldana had a banner year in 2009. And leave it to such an actress – one who can transition from girl next door to ass-kicking weapon wielder to subtle seductress with ease – to replicate that same success this time around.

We will see no less of Saldana in 2010. And we don’t mind. That’s not to say her rise to stardom wasn’t a slow one. It was. And not slow and steady; just plain slow. After all, she had her fair share of missteps and poor decision-making in the early stages of her career (i.e. “Crossroads” with Britney Spears, “Get Over It” with Sisqo, and the divisive “Drumline”). But then she solidified a spot in a film series with a following (“Pirates of The Caribbean”) and all faults were forgotten.

And she seemingly had no problem taking the back seat and fulfilling supporting roles long after her big break, as with “Guess Who,” “Terminal,” and “Vantage Point” – all of which had no less than four lead characters and some scene-stealing “A”-listers. Her humility hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Nor has her bravery, recognized once she fulfilled the role of Star Trek’s “Uhura,” a dangerous one with all things considered – like life-long Trekkies who will accept nothing short of equal measure to the original.

But now she’s added one hell of a notch to her belt. She’s starred in “Avatar,” the highest-grossing film of all time worldwide. So keep her on your radar because she’ll be appearing in three films this year, including “Takers” alongside a handful of eye candy (Idris Elba, Michael Ealy and T.I.) and “Death At A Funeral” where she’ll trade in her psuedo-serious roles for some comedic timing with Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock.

Acting aside, Zoe keeps us interested by being a flawless fashionista. She has her own clothing line, Aramasci, of which most designs are influenced by her Dominican heritage (plus, she has yet to appear on our “WTF?” list). Check the gallery below if you don’t believe us. Plus, it’s no secret that she’s a technically trained ballerina.

The girl’s got skills. All types.

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