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Babysitter, check. Reservations, check. Alone time with your husband (finally), check. Now that you have time away from the kids, don’t spend the whole night talking about them! Here are some conversation topics to inspire you… that have nothing to do with sleep schedules, spit up or soccer practice!

Your Goals

Talking about your goals goes beyond your to-do lists. What do you each want to accomplish as individuals? As parents? As professionals? Reconnect on your hopes and dreams for the future and make a plan to work with one another to make them a reality.

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Your Childhoods

You know what it was like for your partner growing up (and have laughed at all of his school pictures with bad hair and buck teeth), but there’s always some funny story to tell or even retell from your childhood. You know, like the time you broke your mom’s favorite vase because you were playing ball in the house (oh wait, that was Peter Brady).

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