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Why walk outside the house on Valentine’s Day when the holiday is about staying close to and spending time with your lover? Here are 10 ways to celebrate at home.

1. If Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, call off work or take a vacation day first. Valentine’s Day is no reason to get fired, after all.

2. Leave a love note on his pillow or bedside table or find a classic love poem and write it on the bathroom mirror.

3. Make breakfast in bed for you and him.

4. Have flowers or chocolates delivered to your home on Valentine’s Day. This will save you the trip and will also surprise your partner.

5. Create a sensual bubble bath for you and him. Place candles in the room and put on some of your favorite love songs.

P.S. Find out how to make handmade soaps and bath fizzies, along with other Do-It-Yourself Valentine’s Day Gifts HERE!

6. Spend at least half of the day in bed. Don’t sleep during that time. You could watch romantic movies, play games, or engage in, um, other activities.

7. Cook dinnertogether! – and make sure to include some aphrodisiacs in the meal. Don’t eat at the table; set a picnic blanket down on the couch or floor and surround yourself with pillows.

8. Watch the sunset together.

9. Create a dance floor in your own home. Lower the lighting if possible or simply light the room with a large amount of candles. Play some of your favorite love songs and dance the night away.

10. Move it back to the bedroom… [Source]

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