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It’s been a minute since we last heard from Danger. The “For the Love of Ray J” star recently sat down with VH1 to discuss TMZ’s recent report that she lost custody of her daughter, her failed relationship with Gabriel Cannon, the joy she takes in being a public figure and accusing Ray J of being gay, then retracting it, then retracting the retraction.

So what’s been going on?

Umm…a lot. Haha, you can probably see from the press that lot’s been going on. It’s been kind of crazy.

I guess the most publicized thing is that you’ve lost custody of your daughter.

That’s not true.

That’s not true?


So that’s just patently untrue? TMZ reported…

I can’t really talk about that certain situation in great detail, but basically I cannot control what’s put out there in the media and the press. All I can do is remain consistent with what I put out. And my daughter is fine. I did not lose custody of her, but me and her father are going through a custody battle. I’m fighting for joint custody, he’s fighting for full custody. So there’s a court proceeding going on right now for custody, we are going through a custody court. But I did not lose custody.

So you’ve seen her? You have her?

No, I don’t have her. But she’s with family. I’m working, I’m Hollywood. She’s close by with family, and I can see her whenever I want. There’s no bad blood going on as far as me and my child’s father’s immediate family. They love me as the mother of their new granddaughter.

So you’re OK with the situation?

Well, it’s kind of ugly. I didn’t want to have to take it to court. I didn’t want to have to go through that, but I’m just thankful that my daughter is a baby, and she’s probably not going to remember this. We’re probably going to have joint custody, like most parents do. I tried to reconcile with Gabriel, but it didn’t work out.

When we last talked, it seemed like you were determined to make a future with him.

I was. I really was. I wanted to reconcile, but it’s not something that he wanted to do. I accepted that, and we basically both moved on with our lives and he decided to take it upon himself to take me to court for custody. I’m seeing somebody else now, I’m seeing an ex-boyfriend of mine. We’ve known each other for about four years, and he’s an actor as well. We started dating each other recently. He’s been really good being there for me. It’s a hard time, because nobody really wants to go through the court systems. It’s just all very unnecessary.

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