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When it comes to sex, we let ourselves believe all sorts of things (“It’s not like he’s a stranger, we don’t need a condom.” “You’re right, honey, you do have the biggest package in the country.”) But many of our assumptions turn out to be completely false. Here are the 8 biggest sex myths – debunked:

1. You should get off every time. Sure orgasms are great. But it’s OK not to have one every time, and it doesn’t mean you’re having bad sex. New York-based sex therapist Dr. Joy Davidson, author of the book Fearless Sex, believes sex that’s focused around orgasms is “goal-oriented sex, not mindful sex. When the sole focus is getting off,” she says, “it’s basically focusing on getting it over with.” It’s not about the destination, ladies, it’s about the journey. As long as sex is pleasurable, it’s OK if he doesn’t see your O face every time.

2. Men have a greater sex drive than women. Generally speaking, guys between the ages of 17 and 25 are juiced up on testosterone and have pretty impressive sex drives. “But when you’re talking about all men,” says Dr. Davidson, “the difference in sex drives between individuals is much greater than the difference in sex drives between sexes.” Bottom line: On the whole, guys don’t want sex any more than women do. That said, if your sex drive is higher than your man’s, it’s nothing to be worried about.

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