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FROM MTV: If Usher’s so-called “buzz” single, “Papers,” was a document of their crumbling relationship, well, then “Daddy” provides some of the reasons behind that crumble.

Because while the song is about temptation, love and lust, it’s also about distance and the effect it has on all those things. Here is Usher, somewhere far away, with his lady, played by model Noemie Lenoir, waiting patiently, eagerly, at home. All Ush wants to do is make it back to her. The only problem is he can’t.

The reasons why are never explained, though in the video we do see Usher being pulled in many different directions — the boardroom, the studio, the club — at the same time.

And, of course, with distance comes the threat of infidelity. On the road, there is temptation around every turn, and Ush is subjected to his fair share, mostly from some over-friendly dancers.

At song’s end, we’re not sure if Usher even makes it home — in the video, the object of his affection (model Noemie Lenoir) waits and waits, then, finally fed up, just leaves. Infer from that what you will. Read more here!

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