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Hello Beautiful People!!!! What a week it has been I must say this one goes down in the history books for me as a makeup artist. I was booked to work on various clients for some of the Inaugural Balls in DC. I was so excited to go to DC and be a part of what was happening there even if it was indirectly I was still ecstatic.

I flew in the morning of the 19th and DC was bubbling with tons of traffic, out-of-towners and more police than the eyes could see. My makeup kit and I for sure felt very safe. I was filled with thoughts of patriotism which I haven’t felt in a long time honestly. I was proud to be an American and even more proud that my career of being a makeup artist brought me around the world and back to my old stomping ground where I attended Howard University for this historical event.

I packed light because in events like award shows I usually know in advance who I’m booked for. My regular makeup kit usually weighs in at 55-60 pounds, but I knew carrying that much product may not be wise if any breech of security took place. I know you’re all thinking to yourselves that could never happen. However after experiencing 9/11 firsthand I feel its just better to be prepared we live in a new era and preparation is key. I knew there would be some major product essentials because more than likely my clients would be outside or attending the various events and Balls. I am always asked by people what are my essential products. Well it all depends on what the client is doing and where will it be taking place.

So first and foremost I knew DC was experiencing a cold front just like NYC. So I packed Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream which is crucial for dry cracked skin. I use it on lips, hands and heels to seal in moisture.

Creme De la Mer moisturizer is key for cold weather to relieve dry skin on the face and hydrate. I prefer to use Smashbox High Definition Photo Finish primer before applying a little concealer.

If circles are bad I use Khuraira’s orange conceal to cover dark circles. Some people have asked me why is it orange. Well, if dark circles are purplish blue the orange concealer covers these dark circles perfectly. Then I use a light weight tinted moisturizer with an SPF because even though its winter and its cold the sun can still do a lot of major damage if your skin is not protected. I love Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer which has an SPF of 20.

Next I use water proof eye liner and Mascara from Dior because the eyes tend to tear when cold air is blowing and we don’t want black streaks running down the face. I like cream blushes in cold weather because it makes cheeks pop and look dewy and I love Cha Cha from Paula Dorf its a perfect shade for a variety of my clients.

I have a fabulous new face palette from Mary Kay and it holds everything you want and need. The gloss is a neutral shimmery sheer gold and there is a face highlighter and bronzer to shape and sculpt the face. The eye shadows in it are also great because they are earthy and can be mixed to create a variety of looks.

My friend Khuraira who has her own line of cosmetics titled after her beautiful name gave me an awesome color called Lady Obama dedicated to our amazingly smart and beautiful First Lady Michelle. The color is a brassy bronze gold shimmer and its super creamy. One of my clients the talented Jazmine Sullivan wore it for her performance at the BET ball.

Of course where there are balls that means gowns are a MUST which means I better have some serious body shimmer that does not stain the dress but still makes skin look flawless and glowing. I like to use Makeup Forevers Diamond Body cream because it dries immediately and doesn’t leave any marks on clothes.

So it sounds like a lot I’m sure but to have only 15 – 20 products vice versa 200 saved my back a lot of agony. The BET ball was fun too. They had amazing performances from Common, Nas, Jazmine Sullivan and others.

Nick Cannon hosted, Tatiana Ali was there and the gorgeous Kerry Washington came too. In a last minute crunch I assisted Kerry Washington with a little makeup touch up which she loved. We always see each other at events and speak, but never have I had the pleasure to work on her until that moment which was unexpected, but that happens from time to time. Like at the 2006 AMA’s Rod Stewarts trailer was next to Alicia Keys my long time client and he needed makeup so his lovely wife knocked and asked if I could help out. Well, you know I did Rod Stewart Mr. If Yah Think I’m Sexy himself please I did his makeup and was honored cause he’s a pop icon.

That’s just how my life is as a makeup artist. Its all one big journey of amazing experiences, places, people, food and so much more. My career in makeup has taken me to Dubai, Switzerland, LA, Singapore, Miami, Thailand, Jamaica, Australia and now back to my second home DC where I stomped the streets of NW and Georgetown trying to figure out who and what I was gonna become. Just to be a part of the history being made there are really no words to describe the gratitude I feel to God.

Now I hope that all you beautiful people out there not only leave with some great products and stories about my life as a makeup artist, but that this blog also is a source of inspiration to help encourage you to continue or pursue your dreams.

I often asked myself when I was soul searching “What is it that you want to do? What do you aspire to become?” It is part of the process to finding your inner voice. Some may feel its too late, but let me tell you its never too late to pursue the dream and talent that God gives you. Toni Morrison the award winning writer didn’t publish her first book until after 35 years old.

Even now I still make dream list. I write down dream clients and dream jobs and I just imagine and focus in on it. One of my dream clients is of course the First Lady Michelle Obama. Hey maybe I will do the first ladies makeup one day. I know that if I believe it just like President Obama believed that he could make history by being our first African American President then it is totally possible.

So dream big but believe in it even more and it will be so.

Until next time!


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