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Celebrity Rehab’s Dr. Drew Pinsky recently sat down and spoke very candidly about Tiger Woods treatment for sex addiction.

However, he raised concern about Tiger getting special treatment because he requested not to have a roommate. “He is getting special consideration treatment which always goes poorly – when they don’t mix with the other patients, they get special rooms, special facilities, that is going to have to go eventually.”

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He does feel sympathetic towards the star saying: “People need to understand that this man is in incredible pain, this is no PR campaign. He has disrupted his family, he has jeopardized his children’s well being. This is not a bad guy, this is a good guy. Believe me, he feels this profoundly.”

Dr. Drew says he hopes that Tiger’s wife Elin, “will get in the program. Get through the betrayal, get through the trust issues. It takes about 3-5 years to treat a sex addiction so its going to be an ongoing process that she is going to have to actively participate in.”

And clearing up some misconceptions about sex addiction, Drew says, “The primary misconception [about sex addicts] is that it’s in their control. This isn’t some single guy having a lot of partners. This is somebody that is married with kids that has done things he wishes he hadn’t – he wishes he could of controlled and he could not.”

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