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Star Jones career has gone downhill since she alienated everyone when she was a regular on “The View.”

Now Jones has been fired from her latest job, a six week guest spot on “The Insider”, after a shouting match with a producer in which security had to be called to escort her off set. Star insisted that the program topics were beneath her and again managed to alienate another employer with her demanding diva attitude:

[Star] landed a six week gig as a panelist on the showbiz program, but security guards escorted her off the set after she engaged in a screaming match with a producer, a show source told The Enquirer.

“At first, Star got along with the producers just fine,” the source divulged. “But as she got more comfortable, she started complaining about the topics they wanted her to discuss. She said they were too trashy and ‘Star doesn’t do trash!”

Star – who famously locked horns with Barbara Walters on “The View” – also sent an e-mail to the show’s host Lara Spencer blasting fellow celebrity panelist Niecy Nash, said the source.

“Star said she couldn’t understand why Niecy was a regular on the show, while she, Star, was not,” said the source.

“Lara was upset by the e-mail, but instead of answering Star, she sent it to Niecy!”

Before Niecy could respond, 47-year-old Star and a producer faced off right before the holiday break, said the source.

“Star had made it clear that she didn’t like what was scheduled for the show that day – what she called ‘young Hollywood bimbos and reality show wannabes,” said the source.

“Star reminded the producers that she was an attorney and could offer intelligent insight on the legal issues of the day, instead of wondering if Jon Gosselin had a new girlfriend!”

“Star said she wanted to add some class to the program, to discuss things that made a difference and not dumb down the show.

“The argument got heated, and then it turned into a shouting match. Star obviously wasn’t going to back down, so the producer asked her to leave, adding they couldn’t ‘bother’ her anymore with their trivial show.

“Star exploded! She started yelling insults. Finally, the producer called security to escort her off the set and off the studio lot.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, February 1, 2010]

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