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Dear Kareem,

My best friend recently forwarded me the invitation for my ex’s baby shower. We were together for 6 years and I have not spoken to her in at least a year. I ended the relationship because I thought it was going nowhere and I needed to be single. When I saw the Evite, I feel compelled to email or call my ex. My boys think this is a bad idea. Mind you, I have no interest or love for her anymore – I am newly married and very happy – but I still want to reach out to her. What do you think?

Kareem Says:

I think you really need to think about why you want to contact her. Are you really happy for her and you just want to congratulate her on impending motherhood? Or are you being nosy and want find out if she is married, who the baby daddy is, etc.? Also consider this: YOU broke it off with HER, and she may not be 100% over you (6 years is a long time, buddy!), and now you are married to the woman that followed her? It may hurt or depress her. Just a thought. I personally would not reach out. Also, I don’t know how your wife is, but she may get pissed if she finds that you are communicating with your ex. Why bring BS home? I’d let the past be and wish her the best if you happen to run into her.

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