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The former First Lady of Turks and Caicos recently sat down with sandrarose.com to clear the air about rumors involving her love life and went in on her ex-husband former Turks & Caicos Premier Michael Misick for, among other things, stopping payment on her daughter Kai’s private college tuition.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

[I explained to LisaRaye that I understood that she and Devyne would make their relationship public at Domique Wilkins’ 50th birthday party at the Gold Room this past Friday because that’s what I had been led to believe.]

LR: Is that what he told you

SR: Well, maybe he’s in love with you. You know how women are. We tend to lead guys on but we’re not aware that we’re doing it.

LR: Naw, no! Uh uh, I can’t say that ’cause I’m too grown for that! I ain’t no Vivica either, honey. I ain’t with the Cougar sh*t! You know my reputation. You were damn right the first time you saw me at Akon’s birthday party, you were like, ‘how does she do it? She sniffs out money.’ You damn right ’cause I would not be a Cougar. She’s not a gold digger and she ain’t gon’ be with a broke ni**a! So Devyne told you that I would be at the club? I was nowhere in Atlanta on Friday. Call his a** out!

SR: RIght, right.

[LisaRyae’s publicist Jevon interrupts to say LisaRaye was never “all over Devyne” at Akon’s party as I alluded to in an earlier post]

LR: Here’s my thing, you would never catch me like that. You know what I mean? Because that ain’t my style. I mean, like the pictures that they did of Vivica kissing and hugging on that boy. You would never catch me doing that. You would never catch me doing that type of sh*t when I was very young. I’m not doing all that. If I’m doing that type of sh*t, It’s usually when I’m finna do the da-don-da-don!

SR: Well, that’s what they did (laughs).

Jevon: Can we speak on the Nelly rumor too, please?

LR: (emphatically) OH NO! Absolutely not! I mean, we can talk about it, but I’m saying he’s just not my… I wouldn’t say he’s not my cup of tea because I’ve been knowing him for years. But him and Ashanti just broke up and there’s a matter of time between then that you’ve got to heal. I did see him for a few minutes when I was hosting the Urban Wheel Awards last week and he customized one of the cars. When I read the rumors of us together I was like, ‘what? Really? wow!’ But, no, that was not true.

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