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Word on the street is that Trina and her baller boyfriend Kenyon Martin are definitely over…and have been for a while.

According to the ybf.com, who asked why Trina’s management claimed they were still “very much together” when they asked them point blank less than a month ago, they were told it’s because Trina is trying her damndest to keep the breakup quiet.

Here’s what they found out:

Rumors started months ago that Kenyon had given Trina the deuces, but in interviews (and a few birthday party pics), they acted like everything was A-OK. Our source tells us Trina does not want people to think she can’t keep a man. Especially after she felt like she looked foolish to the public during her relationship with Lil Wayne.

We still haven’t confirmed whether Kenyon and his wife Heather Martin finally signed the divorce papers, so that may have had something to do with Kenyon and Trina’s break up. Oh, and those rumors of their volatile relationship and Trina loving to threaten him and his valuable possessions are very true we hear. Apparently they fought more than they were lovin’. I wonder how much K-Mart regrets having Trina’s lips tatted on his neck now. Lesson learned.

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