Meagan Good’s fashion sense has always been a bit questionable, like here and here, as have her choices in film roles. But in her latest photo shoot for KRAVE magazine, Good shows her sexy side, not her smutty side. And she talks about the next characters she’d like to play.

“I would really like to do Aaliyah’s life story. I was and am a huge fan of hers and think in a way she was our princess Diana. She was very classy, beautiful and carried herself wish such respect for a young age. It would be a great story for young girls and a great example of believing in and respecting yourself. Another woman’s character I would like to play is Whitney Houston. I have so much respect for, for what she accomplished, what’s she’s been through and what she’s come out of. Creatively I think it would be amazing to go emotionally where she’s been and bring it to life.

Aaliyah and Whitney? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Meagan. One step at a time. For now, you get a major PASS on this photoshoot.

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