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“Bad Girls Club” housemate and self-proclaimed “gangster” Natalie has done it again. She’s opened her big mouth, talked s***, and started trouble. First, she provoked roomie Portia into hitting her, which ultimately lead to Portia getting kicked out of the house and off the show. And now she’s spit in castmember Kate’s face – but only after throwing random objects at her and standing over her bed making threats.

If you’re not familiar with “The Bad Girls Club,” it’s a reality show, produced by the same people behind ”The Real World,” that airs on the Oxygen Network and follows seven women with a number of mental, anger, personal and psychological problems as they live together for four months.

But none of the girls on this show seem “bad,” just loud.

WTF? “I’m Not Racist, But I Don’t Wanna Go To A Black Sweaty Club”

“Bad Girl” Threatens To Release Naked Chris Brown Photos

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