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Nicki Minaj is in many ways the pioneer of the Wannabe-Barbie fiasco that is sweeping the teen/tween nation.

Her signature pink hair, bright makeup and bubbly, airhead persona tie into the image that she has parlayed into “Harajuku-Barbie” pop-rap success. There is much speculation that she even altered her body via various sketchy implant surgeries in order to further her crusade for Barbie’s plastic perfection.

While some regard Minaj as a hot new trendsetting rap princess, and dig the doll style, others see her as talent-less, simple and tacky. The Barbie allure is undeniable, as the brand has been around for decades influencing and entertaining young girls. But if Minaj’s “Barbie Movement” is nothing more than a call to adhere to impossibly fake standards of beauty while dropping oversexed lyrics (“now we drinkin’ Syzurp, pour it down my a** and let him drink it ’til he bizurp”), I think I’ll pass. While the look is working well enough for the “Harajuku Barbie” herself, there are countless other poor souls out there who are ending up looking like this:

What do you think? Is the Barbie Movement hot or not?

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Check out this video to hear Nicki Minaj explain her Harajuku-Barbie Movement:

Take a look at Nicki Minaj below:

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