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Whether it’s your New Year’s Resolution to become a more organized person or just something you want to do to help yourself save time on a daily basis, becoming organized doesn’t happen overnight, but with a little bit of effort, you too will be on the path to a less stress induced life.

Determine whether to toss or keep?

Ask yourself the following questions:

* Have I worn this item in the last year? In the last 2 years?

* Has this item lost its shape (stretched or shrunk)or has the color faded?

* Am I waiting for this trend to come back before I wear it again?

* Am I waiting to lose weight before I can fit into this item again?

* I am keeping this item because it was an expensive impulse purchase?

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Once you’ve decided what you should part with, move on to the following:

Keep items that you wear on a regular basis, or that you intend to wear on the right occasion.

Toss items that have rips or stains that cannot be repaired. For those items that are still in decent shape but you know you’re not going to wear, do the following:

Donate: You will feel better about tossing items knowing that someone else can use them. Another incentive is that most donations offer a tax write-off.

Sell: This will help ease your mind if you’re concerned about tossing items that you have invested a lot of money in. You can get rid of items, but still profit by selling online, local newspaper or thrift stores.

Swap: You aren’t the only one who has clothing to get rid of, why not check with friends or co-workers and see if you can swap your unwanted items? It’s like receiving a whole new wardrobe!

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