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Being a friend isn’t just something that we do. It’s a skill that we can learn and improve upon.


There’s nothing like the companionship of your best girlfriend — you know, that girl with whom you can swap any secret, whose closet you can raid and who will tell you that yes, you do look fat in that dress.  Here are some tips to help nurturing your special relationship from

1) Be her #1 fan

Support your best friend in all that she does. Feel happy for her when she succeeds, and carry her through when she hits her roadblocks. Talk her up positively to other people and keep her in your thoughts. Look for her size when you’re shopping. When you see something out in the universe that reminds you of her, send her a text to let her know. This will instantly bring a smile to her face.

2) You, you, you

Even though your best friend loves you and wants to know all the dish on you, it can’t be “me me me” all the time. One of the most important attributes of a best gal pal is her ability to listen. Learn to become singularly focused on her, asking her questions about her situation instead of sharing your experiences. Let her ramble even when she is being repetitive; keep your mouth shut and your heart open, always.

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3) Be there when life bites her in the booty

Being the BFF when times are good is easy, but showing up when her life is sucking is crucial. We know you’re busy, but take a moment to call or show up at her door. The gesture will speak volumes. Although you may not have all the right words, right away, your presence alone will be the comfort she needs. Just show up ready and willing (without judgment) to give her whatever she needs, be it recovery from a cheating boyfriend or job search help after getting pink slipped.

4) Challenge her

A good friend is unafraid to challenge her friend’s actions, especially when they seem risky. There’s a fine line between challenging her ideas and telling her what to do, however. Be careful that you stay on the side of provocative debate without crossing into mom territory. Otherwise, she may not want to share with you in the future.

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